How To Beat The Heat: 9 Ice Play Activities For Kids - The

If you feel like you’re melting in the summer heat, these ice play activities will cool things off while you learn and play with your kids! Note: This post contains affiliate links to products that I have used and loved.

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Unconventional baby shower gifts for the mom who already

Always use a coupon code. Groupon always seems to be running some kind of special…often you can get 20% or more off of the already-discounted Groupon price. Groupon always seems to be running some kind of special…often you can get 20% or more off of the already-discounted Groupon price.

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A practical baby shower gift perfect for any mom-to-be

It also had a several coupons. Second, when somebody does want to get you a gift, it’s nice if they can find out what you actually need since after your first child you off and don’t need a lot of the basics people immediately think of. Third, eight weeks before the due date you indicate, you receive a 15% off discount coupon to use on

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The ultimate guide to preparing for travel WITHOUT your

Leave museum memberships, coupons for activities in the area, and some spending cash for fun,gas, and groceries. and who is picking up or dropping off, etc. Reply. Meg. July 6, 2017 at 8:24 pm. Thanks, Jeanne! It really is amazing to realize how much you do each day as a mom to keep daily life running, right? Once you write it all down for

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Parenthood Archives - Page 10 of 10 - The Many Little Joys

Christmas has come and gone this year, and we had a wonderful holiday. We kept the celebration small this year, and I was grateful for that. Last year, we had 25 people in our house for Christmas dinner (pretty much my husband’s entire side of the family), which was wonderful, but total chaos, too.

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Crafts & Activities Archives - Page 2 of 13 - The Many

It’s birthday season at our house right now. All three of my boys have summer birthdays (May, July, and August), so we do a lot of celebrating this time of year. This year, my seven-year-old asked for a Hot Wheels birthday party, and today I’m sharing how we pulled off a super fun party for under $100 dollars. … Read More

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How I'm breaking my cell phone addiction - The Many Little

I make shopping lists, download grocery coupons, respond to emails, check the weather, get directions in Google Maps, and–yes–still scroll through Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. My smart phone makes my life so much better…sometimes. But last summer I had an epiphany.

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Uncategorized Archives - Page 4 of 4 - The Many Little Joys

Every day when Little Man comes home from preschool, he says, “Mom, let’s see what’s in my backpack!” We sit at the kitchen table and open his backpack together to talk about the projects he’s brought home and look at any notes from his teacher.

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Why I buy almost everything for my kids second-hand - The

Kind of obvious, but if you buy things used, you pay less than if you buy something brand new. In my experience, buying used is at least 50% off new prices, and in a lot of cases, I’ve saved 90% or more off of what I would spend to buy it new. In fact, everything in the picture above, from the clothes to the toys, is second-hand.

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How to make classical music fun for kids - The Many Little

As I perused the Sunday comics and clipped coupons from the weekly ads (my frugal streak started young), I hummed along to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and Tchaikovsky’s Nutcraker Suite. Classical music became as natural to me as The Beatles, John Denver, and–in my teen years–NSYNC.

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Awesome summer reading charts for kids - The Many Little Joys

The ladies at How Does She have created BINGO boards, reward coupons for getting BINGO, and even “golden ticket” reward coupons for when your child earns blackout! It’s awesome–and free. The set even includes a reading banner that can aid your child in recalling and comprehending what they read.

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