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Actived: Monday Oct 26, 2020


Coupon Scams a Multi-Million Dollar Crime |

At first glance, coupon fraud may not appear to be associated with a serious crime issue.For example, how could a scam involving 50-cent-off coupons actually amount to anything significant?Well, once you start to understand the numerous types of frauds involving coupons,

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Trump's $200 Prescription Cards Won't Hit Mailboxes Just

If you’re on Medicare, don’t run to the mailbox looking for a $200 prescription drug card courtesy of President Donald Trump. Government officials said Friday that key details of Trump's election-year giveaway still have to be fleshed out, including the exact timing and how Medicare's cost would be covered — the total could approach $7 billion.

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Online Coupon Sellers Fall Out of Favor with Investors Inc. became the third online coupon seller this week to tumble more than 10 percent the day after reporting earnings., whose shares almost doubled after being taken public by Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and others in March, plunged below its offering price Thursday after reporting a wider loss than analysts estimated.

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Mortgages Set for Worst September Performance in Half a

Yet, if one is partial to the investing maxim “don’t fight the Fed,” it’s noteable that the Fannie Mae 30-year 2% and 2.5% coupons, which are the focus of the bank’s purchasing, sport positive year-to-date excess returns of 0.66% and 1.48%, respectively.

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Think That Sale Item Is a Good Deal? Think Again

“Consumers would have to have a coupon of $100 off, or 22% off, at Kohl’s to even get the Stand Mixer for the same price as the base price at multiple other stores,” Matthew Ong, a retail analyst at NerdWallet told MarketWatch. Ong explained that shoppers are usually attracted to the magnitude of the sale — preferring 30% off over 15% off.

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Deutsche Bank May Struggle to Pay Coupons on Its - Newsmax

“The scale of the sell-off in Deutsche Bank’s bonds, CDS and shares since the turn of the year has been extraordinary,” Adamson said. “It is impossible to predict with any certainty, so a question mark will continue to hang over 2017 AT1 coupons.”

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Bloomberg: Penny-Pinching Millennials Keep Couponing Alive

Coupons offer more than just a discount Coupons do more than just provide an incentive, they impact the consumer’s entire buying decision process: 86 percent of all consumers use coupons to plan their shopping lists; and; 77 percent of all consumers select their stores based on where they can use paper coupons.

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Trump Campaign Swag Gets Black Friday Discounts at Online

It's the second Black Friday sale the online store has held. In 2016, the campaign did the same thing, advising shoppers to enter the coupon code "BlackFriday" to get the discount. This year, the code is "Giving." Trump's merchandising has fueled small-dollar donors, who give $200 or less to a committee.

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New Coupons Aim to Keep People off Generic Drugs |

The coupons are usually prominent on the drug's official website, and many Internet sites offer coupons for an array of drugs. But in the current decade, drugs with more than $110 billion in annual U.S. sales have patents expiring, according to IMS Health, a huge health-care research firm.

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AARP: 8 Best Restaurant Discounts for Members |

Denny’s — AARP members get 15 percent off their meals at this popular restaurant for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, according to EatDrinkDeals. 2. sweetFrog Premium Frozen Yogurt — There are 15-percent discounts for in-store and online purchases on frozen yogurt and other treats. You can also save 15 percent on gift cards purchased online.

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