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Coke Zero Digital Marketing | March Madness Promotions

Coke Zero is one of many major brands trying to net both buzz and business off of March Madness, which is the hype surrounding the annual NCAA men’s basketball tournament. In addition to Coke Zero’s March Madness TV commercial created by their new indie ad agency, a number of other brands and marketers have been developing promotions that

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Burt's Bees Promotes Intense Hydration with Creative

Upon closer inspection, the flakes on her face were really 1,300 coupons that could be torn off by passersby to reveal the model’s smoother skin, coupon by coupon. The goals were to generate awareness and prompt consumer trial, which the billboard seemed to achieve since the model’s face was cleared of both coupons and dryness by the end of

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The Arrival of the "Digital Elite" Traveler | Hotel Marketing

In 2014, travel brands will need to make room for the Digital Elite since this class is virtually taking off. Make your hotel marketing and branding take flight. Contact MDG Advertising today at 561-338-7797 or visit

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5 Ways Healthcare Brands Are Effectively Using Location

The other tactics covered in this post either piggyback off of digital platforms that are already popular on desktop computers (such as search and social networks) or mimic older analog formats (such as coupons in branded and third-party apps). Notifications/texts, on the other hand, are native to mobile, which has meant that their adoption by

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How Social Media Has Changed The Ad Game [Infographic

Sharing brand promotions and coupons: Social media provides brands with a cost-effective, simple way to share information about upcoming deals and specials. Evolving Challenges While social media provides many benefits, it also presents new challenges for marketers. Some of the obstacles social media marketers face include:

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8 Healthcare Marketing Trends Prescribed for 2015

Thanks to new technology, it’s simple to send targeted content and customized coupons to the smartphones of people in a certain location. With research from GSW Worldwide showing that 62% of consumers share local deals with friends and that 57% are more likely to engage with location-based ads, it’s clear that local advertising will be a

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5 Digital Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From Politics

A choice line from the broadcast: “Then there are the emails, oh God the emails. With a frequency matched only by a Nigerian prince selling Groupon coupons for boner pills, the emails from the Democrats will not stop.” The emails were clearly part of a conscious strategy to fight tooth-and-nail to retain control of the Senate this year.

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5 Must-Know Holiday Marketing Trends for Brands

Consumers say they hold off for multiple reasons, including because they’re still weighing their choices between gifts (44.8%), because friends and family haven’t given them enough ideas (29%), because they’re anticipating better deals (22%), and because they’re simply procrastinating (21%).

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Is your BOTOX Safe? Know Before You Go. | Asarch Dermatology

With the current popularity of Botox, you hear and read about "cost per unit" just about everywhere from radio ads to bus bench signs. The appeal of cheap botox, fillers and laser treatements may play on your need to save money, but the reality is that these advertisements are not good deals. The tragic use of industrial silicone and toxic counterfeit drugs by unauthorized "medical spas" have

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Holiday Events and Specials at Asarch Center DERMAspa

The Brilliant Botox Event Starts Today! December 1 - 5, 2014 7:30am - 6:00pm RSVP to 303.761.6325 Save $50 on 25 units of Botox Save $50 on Juvederm or Voluma Raffle & door prizes too! Call 303.761.6325 to RSVP *Remember to bring your Brilliant Distinctions coupons. In One Week

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