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There are so many different doodahs and gadgets out in the world, it’s hard to know what you really need. I’ve narrowed this homeschool supplies list to include our time-tested favorites for home learning.

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Coupon $20 Off Bowling for 4 - Life As Mom

When our family goes anyplace, it's a group outing. So, I love hearing about discounts that benefit families and large groups. Right now you can print an AMF Bowling coupon good for $20 off a game for 4 people or more. If you don't have a mess o' kids of your own to take with, ask some friends and make it a party.

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Adventures in Couponing: 8 Great Ways to Find Coupons

1. Newspaper Insert Coupons – I buy two Sunday papers a week. Visit the Sunday Coupon Preview to get a glimpse of what coupons will be in the paper. If I know that there are some really good ones (ie $2.50 off Electrosol), then I will buy extra papers, peek in the recycle bin at the local coffee shop, or bum them off my mom.

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Catching Up on Coupons

Used to be that I shopped everywhere each week with coupons clutched tightly in hand. I was highly motivated to get out of debt. And couponing helped us get through a rough time and without losing our shirts. I still rely on coupons to help us save a substantial amount of money each month.

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Free Printable Gift Coupons for an Easy Last-Minute Gift

Give some gift coupons to your favorite people this year and take the pressure off yourself. No shopping necessary and you can give them something they really want. Bonus: when you create coupons to gift, you don’t have to lay-out the cash today, thereby spreading things out for the benefit of your budget.

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$10 Off at - Life As Mom

Yes, you can often find diapers cheaper on sale and with coupons, but when a baby needs diapers, well, ya just can’t wait for a sale. I like to make sure that the sales serve me and not the other way around. Currently, first time customers can get $10 off your first order and a $5 credit toward your second order.

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After Christmas Discounts in the FishMama Shop - Life As Mom

From today until New Year’s Day you can use the coupon code NEWYEAR to get $2 off any purchase of $4 or more in The FishMama Shop. Get Organizing Life as MOM for $7 this week after the coupon code. This is a great time to “get your act together.”

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Grocery Geek Presents: Have Coupons, Will Travel - Life As Mom

When I get those Tide coupons for $1 off any size, I grab one for free. Reply. Thanks so much for participating in this conversation about "a mom's life." This is a place where moms can be themselves. Remember that each mother's path looks a little different. Please keep your comments respectful and kind.

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Free Printable Valentine Coupons - Life As Mom

Ideas for kid coupons: a night off dishes; one hour video game time; breakfast in bed; a trip to the movies; one free donut; a run to the ice cream shop; Ideas for sweetie coupons: one free backrub; a datenight of your choosing; a day free of diaper changing; you get to choose the movie with blood and gore; a morning trip to Starbucks

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Make a Tear-Out Coupon Book | Make a Book of Coupons

Download and customize the coupons. Use the perforating blade and make a perforation along each column of coupons about 1/4 inch from the left edge of the coupon. (For these particular coupons, I used the edge of the colored rectangle as the edge of the coupon.) Cut the coupons into equal sizes and stack them.

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All-Natural Home Air Freshener and Carpet Deodorizer

I bought mine online from — if you use the coupon code SBB148 (my affiliate code) you can save $ on your first iHerb purchase ($5 off $20 purchase or $10 off $40). Free shipping on orders over $20.

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