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Actived: Friday Mar 5, 2021

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Coupons - Jacobs Media Strategies

And in its effort to disrupt "old media" – in this case, newspapers – it is now offering free coupons for merchants as part of their cool Google Maps service. When users access a map, the business can provide a coupon. Visitors simply click the icon and print off the coupon, while they make note of the business address and directions.

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Clipping Coupons - Jacobs Media Strategies

Results from "half-off" programs already tell a great story. And if you take the time to survey your listeners, they'll tell you why these discounts work. Your station is a trusted source that can help direct the audience to great deals.

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Your Radio Station's Secret Marketing Weapon In 2021

4. Laundry lists – Radio station emails are especially guilty of cramming lots of content into a single email – often more than a half dozen promotions, contests, sales coupons, and other thing-we-want-you-to-do. The reality is that most fans read the first or second item before moving on.

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10 Ways Your Radio Station Can Find The Joy This Holiday

In exchange for canned food, we gave away discount coupons for record albums from a local music chain. I continue to support the Capuchins every year, and urge you to get behind the food banks in your local community. They send the right message this holiday season about helping the most vulnerable in your community. 5. Help hometown businesses.

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Let’s Make A Deal

The rise of deal sites in our online world has been nothing short of amazing. As of late last year, there were nearly 1,800 deal sites in North America. Yet, to hear many broadcasters and other analysts talk about the deals vertical, you’d think that the whole thing was one big fad or even an […]

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List of Christmas Radio Promotion Ideas

While the Christmas season is a great time of the year for a multitude of reasons, December is historically a tough month for Rock stations due in part to the impact of stations going all-Christmas all the time.

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Groupon vs. Local Radio - Jacobs Media Strategies

This morning’s blog post comes from sales guy extraordinaire, Paul Jacobs, with some thoughts on the Internet couponing phenomenon. The media has inundated us with stories about the explosive growth of Groupon and its potential to take a serious bite out of local media's revenue. With over 50 million subscribers worldwide, and more than 600 […]

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Best Of jacoBLOG - Big Frank Left You Off The Buy

Since it was written, Groupon has gone public, of course, and radio continues to grapple with the role of coupons and sales. Here's a look back at one of the most shared and commented on post of 2011: Last week, old friend and thought-leader Dave Martin fired off a tweet that included a link to a new concept – Groupon Now. It is important

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Big Frank Left You Off The Buy

But once the novelty has worn off (as inevitably it will) and the dust has settled, it’s still just another coupon. For most local businesses (Radio’s traditional local/direct prospects), deep-discounting isn’t a sustainable model for healthy growth.

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Doing Deals (or Solving Problems?)

Regular JacoBLOG reader Mike Seltzer recently shared an article devoted to the “Groupon effect.” The article from Fast Company asked the key question: Do Groupon And Living Social Do More Harm Than Good? The article acknowledges rampant growth in the deal space, but also points to substantial losses for both Groupon and Living Social, as well […]

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