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Actived: Friday Jan 22, 2021

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FLESH FLY - Hill's Discount Flies

Flesh flies are a must have after the Kings start to die off. The Silver’s and the Rainbow’s love to eat the dead flesh floating down the rivers. Availability: 40 in stock. FLESH FLY quantity. Add to cart. Discount Coupons and your chance to win a Scott Fly Rod!

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GREEN DRAKE FOAM BODY - Hill's Discount Flies

THIS IS A GREAT PATTERN TO FISH WHEN THE GREEN DRAKES ARE COMING OFF. coupon code: TURKEY. 10% DISCOUNT CODE FOR NOVEMBER. Will not work on sales items. Join our Newsletter for latest Fly Fishing products, Discount Coupons and your chance to win a Scott Fly Rod! Powered by Convert Pro

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Colorado River, Colorado - Hill's Discount Flies

Early Spring (Pre Run-Off) - 9’0” 5 or 6 weight fly rod with reel to match. All-around or short heavy front taper fly line for longer dry fly casts, turning over and mending heavy nymph setups or punching streamers from the boat. Glenwood Springs and West - 9’0” - 9’6” 5-6 weight fly rod with reel to match.

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Eagle River Seasons - Hill's Discount Flies

Pre Run-Off - 8’6” - 9’0” 4 or 5 weight fly rod with reel to match. All around fly lines for throwing dries, nymphing or stripping heavy streamers. Tippet to match. Run-Off - 9’0” - 9’6” 6 weight fly rod with reel to match.

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BLUE WING OLIVE CRIPPLE - Hill's Discount Flies

Like BWO's this pattern is also a good one to fish when the hatch is coming off. This pattern you can fish alone or have it coming off the back of a larger dry. Size: Clear: BLUE WING OLIVE CRIPPLE quantity. Add to cart. SKU: Discount Coupons and your chance to win a Scott Fly Rod!

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PRINCE NYMPH - Hill's Discount Flies

This is my go to pattern. I usually fish this as my delivery fly and use a dropper off of the bend of the hook.

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Fly Fishing For Trout - Hill's Discount Flies

About Trout Though there are many varieties of trout in Colorado, the most highly prized game fish may be the rainbow trout. Other freshwater lake trout that are frequently seen are the brown and the brook trout. This fish ranges in color from brown to green with a varying degree and character of spots with … Fly Fishing For Trout Read More »

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Eagle River - Hill's Discount Flies

EAGLE RIVER COLORADO The Eagle River is a freestone stream located in the central Rocky Mountains. Though once a ‘Hidden in Plain Sight’ secret, the Eagle has become a pinpoint on a lot of Colorado residents’ radars and for good reason; it’s an incredible fishery! Of the many creeks, streams and rivers located around Vail, … Eagle River Read More »

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LOON OUTDOORS AQUEL - Hill's Discount Flies

B. Aque Loons Fly Dressing is a premium floatant, that gives you a higher riding longer lasting dry fly and goes for $4.50 C.Troutsmen Fly Dressing works well on both regular hackles and CDC. Coat fly, then shake off excess dressing and works immediately. The fly will dry completely during your backcast and goes for $4.50. D. Frogs Fanny is a great floatant for dries and you can use it on your

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YELLOW SALLY - Hill's Discount Flies

Yellow Sallies are smaller stoneflies that are common in many streams across the country. They are smaller than most stones and often come off unexpectedly when other mayflies are hatching.

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