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GovGoodies – 20% Discount on HP products for GovLoopers

· Save an additional $10 off any purchase of $50 or more enter coupon code SVD271496 during check out. OR · Save an additional $20 off any purchase of $100 or more enter coupon code SVD397925 during checkout. * Offer valid 11/22/10—12/31/10.

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How To Save Money On Your PMP Exam Studies | GovLoop

Savings Tip 4 – Use Coupons. Coupons can be found for just about anything, and that includes PMP® Prep materials. When you have identified a PMP® Prep product you would like to purchase, take a few moments to do a web search for discount coupon, a few moments of your time can pay off.

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The Best Federal Employee Discounts You Can Get

mable June 2nd, 2016 . As crappy as it is, it does actually hurt to ask for military/government discounts in restaurants. Military and government workers are seen as extremely poor tippers, and upon asking for a discount (typically 10% so, $2 off $20, or $4 off $40) a recent study in restauranteur found that servers often give up to 20% discounts in their own ways.

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5 Easy Ways to Recognize Your Employees » Community | GovLoop

Can you give them a day off? A colleague brought up that her former manager would give out “ 59-minute coupons” if an employee went above and beyond. An hour or more time-off reward requires paperwork, but a 59-minutes coupon meant an employee could leave 59 minutes early without bringing HR into it. 5.

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How to benefit the most from working with proposal

One type of growth challenge that business developers and owners face stems from not having enough time, personnel, or expertise to prepare and respond to the solicitations that otherwise would be a perfect fit for the company.. You may be completely new to hiring consultants. You may be worn thin from all the heavy hours you have put in and overwhelmed with all the proposals you have to write.

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What have you done for me lately? Measuring the success of

In fact, more often than not, the success of a public sector campaign is based on these intangible mission-oriented goals, and measuring these results is not always as easy as taking a simple inventory of how many shoes sold after you sent 50% off coupons to a list of 10,000 email addresses.

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When Employees Check Out » Community | GovLoop

The “thank you” cements the engagement every bit as much, if not more, than the engagement is likely to earn a “thank you”. Recognition is not unimportant, but is not always enough to take you the full distance. It’s a bit like receiving I.O.U.s and discount coupons; they can only pile up so high before they start to feel valueless.

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SharePoint 2010 Interview » Community | GovLoop

– To obtain Gary’s Blog Talk Radio 15% OFF coupon code for Sean’s and John’s recently published book on“SharePoint for Non-Profits”, please use this link: SharePoint for Nonprofits. Links for Resources mentioned: – Essential SharePoint 2010, by Jamison, Hanley and Cardarelli (book) – The SharePoint User Group (supported by

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Who Dumped All That Free Speech on My Lawn? | GovLoop

The other 85% can be adds. Neighbors began plotting demonstrations involving dumping their reserves of coupons on the grounds of’s headquarters. But there were eventual signs of hope. One neighbor posted an article from Louisville, where the city had voted to ban such publications from being disseminated.

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