Brooch Bouquet Request For Shower Guests — The Knot Community

She wants you all to be a part of the day, So add something nice to her bouquet! Bring a brooch; sillver, gold, or pearl, To complete the look for this beautiful girl.

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Drink coupons? What the? — The Knot Community

As we walked into the cocktail hour space, we were each given a small card with a coupon attached. It was one of those red coupons you see at carnivals or fairs- the kind that come in a long roll and you tear them off and hand them out. The card the coupons were attached to said they were good for one signature cocktail.

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What to expect to pay for Ketubah? Any codes to save money

They email you a 10% off coupon code, so our ketubah ended up costing $177 including shipping, not too bad. However, the custom frame, which I purchased at Michael's with a 60% off coupon, cost $138!

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Coupon Question — The Knot Community

Coupon Question. anrforanr member. March 2015 in Registering and Gifts. FI and I are registered at BB&B and Williams Sonoma. Both stores off email coupons (usually the standard 20% off when signing up for emails). Would it be good or bad of me to mention they offer coupons on our website? And if I did, what would be the best way to word it?

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UNITY CROSS COUPON!!!!!!!!! — The Knot Community

noooooo! I just purchased mine yesterday and I didn't have this coupon! Thanks though!!! LOL! I think you can use more than one so if you use this one and the other code from ***kittybutton*** thread, you can save about 30 bucks or more!!!

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Does anyone have a coupon code for a % off at I'm ordering invites so it would REALLY great to save $!! Been trying to find a code online but everything's expired.

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target registry - post wedding coupon code? — The Knot

Hi Ladies, So I'm a spazoid and forgot to write down the 10% off code I could use online to buy stuff off my registry before I gave the cashier my coupon. Does anyone know what it is? I had a couple of online only items I wanted to buy.

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NWR: Returning gift with coupon — The Knot Community

Also, I always get coupons from the paper or online so I rarely shop there unless I have a coupon. I always try to find coupons for anything I buy. I found a 10% off coupon for another sister's gift, a free shipping coupon for another gift, and a 40% off coupon for a stocking stuffer for my mom.

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CV Linens Coupon — The Knot Community

Just in case anyone else might benefit from this, I thought I'd let you all know that CV Linens ( is offering a coupon for the holiday weekend. I've been waiting weeks to buy charger plates for my reception and have found some OK deals so far but then most places charge at least $30-50 for shipping. With the coupon, I got free shipping and 10% off my order!

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