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Actived: Tuesday Jan 12, 2021

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7 Ways for Seniors to Reduce the Cost of Prescription Drugs

7 ways for seniors to lower the cost of prescription drugs. 1. Switch to generics On average, generic drugs cost about 85% less than brand name drugs. Ask your older adult’s doctor if there are generic drugs that could safely replace their brand medications.

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4 Simple Bathroom Safety Tips for Seniors – DailyCaring

4 simple bathroom safety tips for seniors. 1. Clear the path to the bathroom and make sure it’s well-lit day and night. Remove clutter or objects along the path; Add automatic nightlights or stick-on lights; Remove any rugs or floor mats.

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5 Ways to Afford Prescriptions in the Medicare Donut Hole

2. Download manufacturer coupons If your older adult uses a brand name drug, it is likely that the pharmaceutical company producing it has a coupon or discount program of some kind. To find out, visit the drug manufacturer’s official website and look for a “discount program” or “patient assistance” program.

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