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Actived: Thursday Dec 5, 2019


The Atlassian Certification you've been waiting fo

Once you're in the course, you can get the exam coupon code from the section "Exam Coupon and Instructions." There is a PDF titled, "ACP-600 Exam Coupon Code and Registration," which also gives instructions on how to register for the exam.

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How to use promo code for slack when moving from s

Hi, We are moving from stride to slack and have received a promo code but when we are paying for stride for the standard plan we are not able to see

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"Verify Committer" does not work in BitBucket Serv

@Torsten Kleiber. In order to allow for rebase workflows and cherry-picking, the author is intentionally not verified (for exactly the reasons @Sylvie Davies [] mentioned below). At the moment, the system doesn't offer a built-in way to configure that check to verify both author and committer.

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FAQ: Promotion for free five user Jira Software C

For those who have been lucky enough to snag a coupon from a recent limited promotion for a free five user Jira Software license, here are answers to a couple frequently asked questions.

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What would be your advice to first-time Jira Softw

Hey everyone! My name is Sarah Schuster, and I'm a Customer Success Manager in Atlassian specializing in Jira Software Cloud. Over the next few weeks I will be posting discussion topics to get your expert advice to help new or first-time Jira Software Admins be successful.

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Atlassian Camp details and Coupons

Hi, I've registed for Atlassian Summit (2018); looking forward for Atlas Camp!!! Can anyhow let me know a details about this camp (what happens) and any coupon/discount codes for the same.

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Solved: Default label for blog posts? - Atlassian Community

Is it possible to set a default label for blog posts in a particular space? We are concerned that our users will contribute to the blog but not remember to add the correct label (which helps us render the updates on other pages).

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Unable to push in empty repo if Bit-Booster Hook e

In a couple weeks I plan to make the Bit-Booster hook a global hook instead of just a per-repo hook, so this is a really important fix. I really appreciate you filing the bug report. Email and I'll send you a coupon code for the add-on if you're interested. A fix for this bug should arrive this Sunday (January 29th).

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About Piyush - Atlassian Community

Find answers, support, and inspiration from other Atlassian users.

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Solved: Convert reputation points to swag

Solved: Is it still possible to convert reputation points to Atlassian swag? Can not find any information for my account here: Convert reputation points to swag . Vasiliy Zverev Sep 20, 2016. When checking out, apply your unique coupon code to your order and you won't be charged for the order.

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