How To Can Peaches In Light Syrup Or Honey

When our 2 year old peach trees started producing 30-50 pounds of peaches each this year, I knew it was time to start canning peaches again.. Normally, I can peaches that we buy from the store. But as we've transitioned to more organic foods, and organic peaches became harder to find, I've been unable to can peaches for a few years.

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6 Crazy Ways to Save Money! Out of the Box Ideas to Save Big!

I recently started stocking up on disposable diapers. I have just shy of 500 total diapers of varying name brands (Huggies, Pampers, Seventh Generation) stocked up for less than $4 total, including tax. I also stock up on homestead needs in advance of needing them if I can get them for at least 75% off.

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Give Away FULL SIZE Candy Bars for FREE - Cheap Halloween

Then, my area grocery store has King Size candy bars on sale for $1.38 per bar, with a $1.00 off 2 in store coupon. Add to that my B1G1 coupon (a $1.38 value) and you get these results! (2) King Size Candy Bars - $2.76

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10 Ways to Start Homesteading Today

Make dinner at home rather than ordering something to go. Take advantage of coupons and sales, but don’t buy something just because it’s a good deal. Keep a list of all the money you’ve prevented yourself from spending and you’ll be surprised at just how many unnecessary purchases you’re making. RELATED: How we paid off $6500 in one

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When and Why You Should Be Buying in Bulk

That one was a sale + coupons printed from the web + an extra store kick back for buying XYZ amount of the product at one time. I spent around $20 for what is looking like a 2 year supply. soap, beauty products, it can really pay off to know the system – and then you just watch a favorite blog for the store you use anyway. Reply. Victoria

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A Modern Homestead - Scratch Cooking, Gardening, Canning

Learn how to homestead wherever you are with from scratch recipes, crafting patterns, gardening info, canning recipes, and more!

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