Rosetta Stone Vs Babbel - Neither Are My Top Choice But

Babbel and Rosetta Stone are two of the most popular language learning platforms in the world. Most people looking to get started studying are likely to have come across these two programs early on in their search for the course they want to use.

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130+ Resources for Learning Mandarin Chinese Online - Lots

The videos, quizzes, and lessons are all excellent. A subscription is also cheaper than most other Chinese learning resources. It’s definitely worth checking out. Read the full review. Save 15% on a subscription by using the promo code “alr15off”. Use the coupon code “ALLLANG50” to get $50 off an annual premium subscription.

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Discounts on Chinese Learning Resources - All Language

Use the coupon code "alr10" to get 10% off any individual subscription. ChineseFor.Us: ChineseFor.Us is a new platform for learning Chinese with several courses and new ones being added. I've been extremely impressed by the quality and thoroughness of their lessons. Review. Use the coupon code "alr15off" to get 15% off your subscription. ChinesePod

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20 Best Podcasts To Learn Italian In 2019 - All Language

Use the coupon code “ALLLANGUAGERESOURCES” to get 25% off a subscription to ItalianPod101. More Advanced Learners. The podcasts enumerated above are good resources mostly for beginners and intermediate students.

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160+ Resources for Learning Spanish Online - All Language

It can be a bit more challenging than other courses, as you begin reading somewhat long texts right off the bat. Overall, I found it to be a more fun way to approach language learning that will be great for some but not ideal for others. Use the coupon code “ALR123” to get a 10% discount for the entire length of your subscription.

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Discounts on Resources for Learning Italian - All Language

Use the coupon code “ALLLANGUAGERESOURCES” to get 25% off your subscription. Pimsleur: Pimsleur is one of the older and most popular resources for language learning. It can be hit or miss, depending more on the user's learning preferences. It forces you to start speaking early on with lots of repetition and prompts with lessons that build

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30 Best Apps To Learn Portuguese (Brazilian and European)

Use the coupon code “ALR123” to get 15% off a subscription. Read the full review of Lingodeer. Duolingo. Pretty much anyone who has even considered learning a second language has heard of Duolingo. It’s a place where a lot of people get their toes wet.

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Best (And Worst) Online Chinese Courses - From Personal

There’s so much to learn and it’s hard to know what’s worth prioritizing and what can be put off for later. Without some structure, it’s easy to find yourself with gaps in your knowledge. Save 15% off any course on Yoyo Chinese by using the coupon code “10NRES”. Visit Yoyo Chinese . HelloChinese The best alternative to Duolingo.

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The Best (And Worst) Online German Courses - Comparing 20

Overall, Lingodeer is a great option for beginner students to get started with. You can access a lot of the content for free and a monthly subscription only costs $8.99. Plus, you can get an extra 15% off by using the coupon code “ALR123”. Lingodeer review. Coffee Break German

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Chinese For Us Review - Comprehensive and Affordable Courses

The unlimited plan costs $19.99/mo but you can save 10% off with the promo code “ALR123”. Another option would be to work with a tutor to get feedback on your pronunciation. There is nowhere as convenient, flexible, and affordable as italki to find a teacher online. Tone Drills Course

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Learn Chinese Pronunciation - Courses, Apps, and Websites

Learn Chinese Pronunciation – Courses, Apps, and Websites. August 9, You can read my review of Yoyo Chinese and find a coupon code for 10% off any course. ChinesePod – Say it Right Series. The sooner you work on your pronunciation, the better off you will be. When you start learning Chinese, it’s tempting to want to move on and

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